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Samuel James-Eliza Leitch and Their Greater Family

Generation ...#1

Samuel James Whiteside (Snr) was born circa 1811in Ballymena, N Ireland. He died in Greenock in what is now euphemistically called a mental home He married Eliza Leitch  born circa 1816. She died in 1861
Their children: Samuel (1836) died aged 2, Samuel James (1838), Elizabeth Ann (1843) and Thomas Reid (1845)

Generation ...#2 Samuel James Whiteside (Jnr) was born in Ballymena and died at Seacliff Mental hospital, Otago in 1906. He married Jane Gilfillan (born 1840) They had one child Jane Elizabeth born in 1870. Jane, Samuels wife died giving birth to their daughter on 19.6.1870. Jane died on 22.3.1927.
Samuel James remarried shortly after to Bertha Isteed born Bombay, India 1853. They produced nine offspring. Ada (1871), William Henry (1874). Sarah (1874), Samuel James(1876). Lennard Isett(1877), Thomas Fee (died Blenheim (1972), Mary Alice (1882), Elizabeth (1886), and Walter John (1889) Bertha died in NZ 1927

Jane Whiteside

Generation ...#3 Jane Elizabeth born 1870, died Otago, NZ 1927. Married Charles Tilly (b &d ?). They had two children Victor and Gladys.
Generation ...#4

 Victor (b &d ?), Gladys (b &d ?), children (?)


Adeath Whiteside

Generation ...#3 Adeath Whiteside, born 1871, died Wellington NZ, 1964. Married Joseph Brookes (b?) died 20/12/1955. Four children, Joseph, Ronald, Bert, Lorna & May
Generation ...#4 Joseph nfd
Generation ...#4 Ronald nfd
Generation ...#4 Bert.  ....Bruce Whiteside, once met Bert Brookes briefly on the Te Puke Railway Station circa 1950. Bert was a tall rangy individual, who held up the Taneatua Express for 10 minutes while he talked to family. He was able to do so because he was the Station-master. He was Dad's cousin
Generation ...#4 Lorna nfd
Generation ...#4 May   nfd

William Henry Whiteside

Generation ...#3 William Henry Whiteside was born in Greymouth (1874). He married Phoebe Priscilla Boddy born Greymouth (1882) They had four children. William Richard (1903), Myrtle (1904), Victor Samuel (1907) and Myra Phoebe (1918) Myrtle married Harry Brogden Victor married Ruby Gates and Myra married Ron Timbs. all died in Christchurch
Generation ...#4 William Richard Whiteside was born 20.4.1903 In 1933 he met and married Garcia Demaris Vaughan, who was born 10.6.1915. They had four children: Bruce Rugby (1934), Dawn Demaris (1935), Beverley Ann (1939) and Craig Calvin Pierre (1953). Garcia died (1972) William (1992 and Dawn (2008)
Generation ...#5 Bruce Rugby Whiteside, was born 19.3.1934. He married Jean Alice Mary Shand on 17.12.1955. They has three children: Leslie Robert 1957, JoAnne Rosemary (1958) and Brent William (1965). In 1969 the union was dissolved and Bruce remarried in Christchurch (1976) to Australian Iris Winifred (nee vonthethoff) There are no children by this union.
Generation ...#5 Craig Calvin Pierre was born 23.6.1953. Married Ruth Sutton. in 1973. Marriage dissolved and Craig remarried in 1987 to Robyn Lorraine Santi
Generation ...#5 Dawn Demaris, married Doric Mabon, two children Richard and Michelle. Dawn dies June 16 2008
Generation ...#5 Beverley Ann, married Joseph (Bob) Ryan. Six children Catherine, Robert, Dawn, Linda, Julie and Paul
Generation  ...#6 Leslie Robert Whiteside. born 1.1 1957. Married Linda Therese Albright 1976. Three children: Jamie Nicholas (1977), Rebecca (1983) and Rachel (1990
Generation....#6 Brent William Whiteside, born 7.9.1965. Died 19.2.2002, 36 years. 20 years in the RAAF. Engaged to Katrina Stair at time of death
Generation ...#6 JoAnne Rosemary, married Jamie Skinner, two children, Lauren and Stacey
Generation ...#7 Jamie Nicholas William, born 27.8.77. Married Rebecca Jane Stenton  1999.Three children: Abby Terese 22.4.2000, Caleb Wayne 16.4.2002 and Connor James 13.7.2006. The children go under the name Whiteside-Stenton

Sarah Whiteside

Generation ...#3 Sarah was born in 1874(?), married Thomas Webley, Later married a second time to Jack Taylor. Children, no record

Samuel Whiteside

Generation ...#3 Samuel James (Jnr) born 1/8/1876 at Lawrence Otago, died 12/4/1964. He married Harriet Sophia Pollard who was born 1/12/1889and died 28/5/1964. Both died in Melbourne six weeks apart. They one son, Stanley James
Generation ...#4 Stanley James was born on 26/9/1915, was tragically drowned at Caroline Bay, Timaru, NZ on 30/12/1961. He married Edith Kinnear (11/10/1918) circa 1943. Stanley was a practicing doctor . They had two children John Stanley and Glenda Maragaret
Generation ...#5 John Stanley b.9/12/1944. He married Lucy Zammit circa 1945. They had two children David John and Leunne Marie. JS married a second time to Maralyn Houston circa 1947. Tow children were born to this union, Kathryn Elizabeth and Steven James . Glenda Margaret b 30/11/1947, married Ivon Leslie Lofts. They appear to have had three children Carole Nicole, Gregory Ivon and Craig Gregory
Generation ...#6 David John
Generation ...#6 Steven James
Generation ...#6 Leunne Marie

 Lennard Whiteside

Generation ...#3 Lennard Issitt Whiteside b.1877, died 1945, married Emma Armstrong b 1892 and died 1981. They had one son William John Henry
Generation ...#4 William John Henry b. 19/9/1918, died 12/10/1944. He married Lola Adrienne Shaw . They had five children David John, Bruce Allan, Philip Williams, Barry Raymond and Leonard James.
Generation ...#5 David John born 7/5/1944, died 8/5/1944
Generation ...#5 Bruce Allan born 4.3.1953. Married Jensina Marie Olsen
Generation ...#5 Philip William born 30/5/1956. Married Savita Devi
Generation ...#5 Barry Raymond born 19/8/1958. Married Sandra Michelle Duke
Generation ...#5 Leonard James born 5/9/1960

Thomas Whiteside

Generation ...#3 Thomas Fee b 7/2/1980 died 15/5/1972. Married Sophie Ellen Cullen b 21/7/1884, died 1960.They had tow sons Stanley Thomas and Edwin
Generation ...#4 Stanley Thomas b 12/5/1910, married Janet Drysdale Rae b 29/11/1910. They had four children; Heather Jane, Alan Thomas, Edwin Andrew and Janet Ellen
Generation ...#5 Heather Jane b 26/5/1937 Married Kevin Ronald Poad. They have two children Glen David and Diane Heather.
Generation ...#5 Alan Thomas b 5/4/1940 Married 1), 2) to ???, Three children; Trena, Mark and Aron
Generation ...#5 Edwin Andrew b 08/08/1942. married Judy
Generation ...#5 Janet Ellen b 27/08/1949, married ? Tosswill, one child Alesha.
Generation ...#6 Glen David b 7/7/1960, Diane Heatherb 27/11/1963. Trena b 24/2/1073, Mark b 25/12/1973, Aron b 29/10/1975 and Alesha b 10/7/1970

Mary Whiteside

Generation ...#3 Mary Alice b 17 May 1882, d.8 Nov. 1971. Married She married JAMES WILLIAM JOHN BIRD February 08, 1905 in Greymouth, New Zealand. They had 5 children
Generation ...#4 JAMES SAMUEL THOMAS WILLIAM4 BIRD, b. July 25, 1911; d. August 20, 1973. He married Jane Anne BRADLEY. They had four children, Dorothy Ann , Daphne Mary, June , Margaret Jean
Generation ...#4 BERTHA MATILDA BIRD, b. August 08, 1905; d. January 28, 1975. She married WILLIAM ROBERT JACKSON 1927 in New Zealand. They had three children, Robert James, Donald Bramwell, and Beverley Dawn
Generation ...#4 ELMA ANNIE MAY BIRD, b. November 24, 1920.
Generation ...#4 EVA JOYCE ELIZABETH BIRD, b. November 24, 1920; d. 1978, Timaru, New Zealand.
Generation ...#4 GLADYS MARY DAPHNE BIRD, b. December 30, 1906, Ngahere, New Zealand; d. October 07, 1989, Tauranga, New Zealand.She married ERNEST MABIN THOMAS December 27, 1939 in Wellington, New Zealand. They had one child, Ian Bramwell
Generation ...#5 Robert James,JACKSON b. January 17, 1929; m. MARGARET PATRICIA CHAMPION
Generation ...#5 Donald Bramwell, JACKSON b. April 17, 1935; m. HEATHER MAY PROCTOR GRANT.
Generation ...#5 Beverley Dawn ,JACKSON b. February 13, 1945; m. GRAHAM RICHARD STOCKER.
Generation ...#5 Ian Bramwell THOMAS

Elizabeth Whiteside

Generation ...#3 Elizabeth married Perry BIRD. They had two daughters, Evelyn and Sylvia
Note: It appears as though Mary and Elizabeth (nee Whiteside) married brothers Bird

Walter Whiteside

Generation ...#4Generation ...#3 WALTER JOHN WHITESIDE was born June 26, 1888 in Otago, New Zealand, and died January 09, 1963 in Royal Melb. Hospital. Victoria. Registration #1388. He married ELIZA MAY SAULT July 07, 1917 . Children; Roy Verdun, Lily Joyce, Nita, Leslie John. Sylvia Bertha, Victor James, Lorna May, Mavis, Joan and Walter.
Generation ...#4 ROY VERDUN WHITESIDE, b. February 20, 1918, Newcastle NSW; d. July 12, 1996.He married VERONICA BEDELIA 'DEL' O'CONNOR November 17, 1939 born November 05, 1916 in North Melbourne
Generation ...#4 LILY JOYCE WHITESIDE. b 1920. Married George BELL. Three children Valerie, Edward and Robert
Generation ...#4 NITA WHITESIDE b 1924 (No info).
Generation ...#4 LESLEY JOHN WHITESIDE, b. January 06, 1926; d. July 29, 1997, Melbourne, VIC. Married Merle McDiarmid. Alan, Diane and Jeanette
Generation ...#4 SYLVIA BERTHA WHITESIDE. b 1928. Married Lesley VINCENT. Children Phillip, Raymond, Stephen, Malcolm and Sharon
Generation ...#4 VICTOR JAMES WHITESIDE. b 1930, Daphne(?) One child Marlene
Generation ...#4 LORNA MAY WHITESIDE. b 1932, married Clifford LITHLEAN Three children Betty, Johnny and Carol
Generation ...#4 MAVIS WHITESIDE, b. December 22, 1932.
Generation ...#4 JOAN WHITESIDE, b 1936 d.1955, Fitzroy.
Generation ...#4 WALTER EDWARD WHITESIDE, b. Abt. 1922, Sydney, NSW; d. April 29, 1923, Sydney, NSW
Generation ...#5 GARY JOHN, b 29/5/1942. Married Judith Plowright, b 15/11/1945.. One child Lisa Michelle 7/8/1970
Generation ...#5 GRAHAM ROY, b 16/3/1946.married Helen McMahon (1) Children Andrea, Lorraine. Julie and Caroline (2)Dawn Alexander children Andrew James and Victoria
Generation ...#5 KEVIN JAMES b 28/5/1952. Married Margaret Locantro children Kyrstal, Heath and Rory
Generation ...#5 KERRY ANN b 12/4/1956. Married Mark Colin Patterson One child Michael John 6/1/1974
Generation ...#5 Alan WHITESIDE
Generation ...#5 Andrew James WHITESIDE
Generation ...#6 Heath WHITESIDE
Generation ...#6 Rory WHITESIDE
Generation ...#6 Krystal Whiteside

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