Ballymena and all that.


In July 2006, Bruce and Iris Whiteside took the car over on the overnight ferry from Liverpool to Belfast. Arriving on a Sunday morning Bruce was reluctant to start the motor of the car in fear of waking up, not the neighbours, but Ireland itself. It was wet, it was dead  and this only a stone throw from Shankhill Road. Peace it seemed had come to Ireland.

As Iris commented at the time "Well you had better not stay too long, otherwise it may not remain that way".

 We did however take a trip up the east coast and came back through the middle. The scenery was not unlike New Zealand.

 I have put together a few photos that may be of interest.


   The old Whiteside home, just off Whiteside Rd Ballymena


   Ballymena Presbyterian Church where Samuel James Whiteside was christened in 1838.


   Our humble abode whilst in Belfast. 2006


  What a melting moment. All the delights at the Larne Bakery.


  Main street in Larne


   A touch of home abroad.


  Prelude to Titanic and a world of communication. What do we owe this man?


  Shortwave wireless! Ratlin Island, off the Eastern Coast of Northern Ireland. First radio message    received abroad.


  Iris heading for the Giant's Causeway. Oddly enough these identical formations exist only a a couple of miles from where we live in Burleigh Heads, on the Gold Coast Australia.


 Easier going down. Far easier coming up the bus.


  The result of volcanic activity. Bruce and Iris take a breather.


  Liverpool and the Liver Building. On the ferry, on the Mersey. A great city.


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