News Update ... October 2010

In recent days I have had a couple of interesting e-mails. One came from a Jan Whiteside, who states that she is the sister of Andra Harrison who supplied me with a family tree of the late Des Whiteside of Fiji. Both women I am given to understand were Des Whiteside's cousins. I am waiting further developments on this front. This website acted as a conduit to find a Tony Whiteside who once worked on the Snowy River Scheme

I came across by accident the name Whitsitt, whilst trying to locate this Tony Whiteside, (who was located from another source). It looked a different spelling so I contacted this family in Wynyard in Tasmania only to find that Mrs Whitsitt was setting out to trace the family tree. I gather that she is a genealogy advocate. She mentioned something about 65,000 names, so I guess she is a serious student. I think she will be surprised to see Whitsitt actually on the Website Homepage.

Kerry Patterson is on the mend from a serious setback, but I detect the old sparkle coming back. She sent me an article a day or so ago with questions as to whether it was our branch of the family 4900. As it happens it was not, but there is a very interesting story that you can read.

It has also revealed an original shipping list dated 1865, emanating from the Auckland wharves. The source of this information is very attractive. It covers most NZ newspapers. This one available on line is the Daily Southern Cross and covers every issue from 22 April 1843 to 30 December 1876. There are 6142 issues.


A similar link covers other Metropolitan newspapers, including the Otago Daily Times