Family 4304 is the Fijian Connection to the Whiteside family.  I have made contact with three members, one of whom was something of a soul mate. Desmond was at the time of death active in trying to change the political landscape that is now in the hands of a military General Bainimarama. I came to know him when he sent out a request to 45 so called friends in his fight for a better Fiji. This can be a very lonely road, but it struck a chord with me and I actually made contact with both the Australian and New Zealand governments on his behalf. I was invited to his home in late January 2008, but sadly he suffered a massive heart attack and died before that time. I have contacted his cousin Andra Harrison, who furnished me with a family tree that can be viewed under Whiteside Folios Fiji. You will see them under a tribute to Des. Of more recent times I have spoken to Gardiner Whiteside, an accountant in Suva, to whom I hope to strike up a rapport. It may be that he can add to what we already show.

There are gaps in Don's Charts and in time I hope to be able to fill them. For instance there is a Horatio, who appears to have been married twice, to two sisters. Without their names it is hard to identify the children's Mother or mothers.

Many were business people who were engaged in government, clothing and private enterprises. Many als end up in New Zealand, to whom there has always been a good and friendly association. I have actually met Whiteside's with Fijian heritage in both NZ and Australia.

Bruce Whiteside,

Miami, AUST

8th June 2010

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