family 4304... William Gardiner Whiteside - Eliza ?

The filing follows as GENFILES, commencing with the first known ancestor of this branch.

Note: Dates are day, month, year

Generation ...#1 William Gardiner Whiteside, b 1818,, died Leichhart 1888, married Eliza ------? 1837. Children to this union; Horatio b 1857, Edward F, b 1859, Gardiner b 1862, Edmund W, b 1864. ALL BORN IN NSW, AUST
Generation ...#2 Horatio, married twice, neither wife ascertained as at 8.6.10. However they appear to have been sisters. Family to first marriage Annie,1878, Ethel, 1880, Carrie, 1882, Beatrice 1884, Edward, 1886, George, 1888, William, 1890, Henri, 1/11/1884
Generation ...#2 Edward F,  not available at present
  Gardiner  not available at present
  Edmund W  not available at present
Generation ...#3 George, married Janet Snow, b 1900. Two children; George Arthur 26.8.1925 and Elizabeth Margaret,  b 2.2.1929
  William, married twice , 1) n/a, and Queenie ---?, b 1894. One child Gardiner. b 1927
  Henri, married Edna Ruth Snow, b 30.5.1894, d. Suva 2.5.1958. This union of three. Horatio Henri 'Sonny', b 17.5.1924, Laurie Gavin, b 26.7.1928, Allan Arthur, b 27.10.1930. Married (2) Rosalie Williams, b 1940, son Horatio, b 1963.
Generation ...#4 George Arthur, not available at present
  Gardiner, not available at present
  Horatio Henri, married Vita Fenton, b 1930 (Fiji). Four children; Andra, b 1955, Jane, b 1957, John, b 1959, Brett, b 1960
  Laurie Gavin, married Cherie Wright, b 1930 (Fiji). Three children. Desmond, b 1957 (see Whiteside Folios Fiji), Tanya, b 1957, Michael, b 1961
  Allan Arthur, married Dianne EdnaWright, b 1930 (NZ). Five children.. Henri Maitland, b 17.5.1955, Evelyn, b 11.3.1957, Allan Joseph, 29.3.1959, Janice, b2.8.1963, Sharon, b 21.2.1965
Horatio,  not available at present
Generation ...#5 Desmond, married Merrin Probert, b 1960, Two children, Jethro, b 1980, Lawrie, b 1982
  John, married Florrie Sutherland, b 1963. Two children; Colin, b 1983,  Lee Horace, b 1985
  Brett  not available at present
  Michael, married Gail , b 1964. Three children; Gavin, b 1984, Michael, b 1986, Callum, b 1988
  Henri Maitland, married Lena Martin, b 1959. one child Ariana Christine b 6.10.1979
  Allan Joseph, married Anna Schaafnausen, b 1964. Child; Christopher Joseph 9.9.1989
Generation ...#6 Jethro not available at present
  Lawrie not available at present
  Colin not available at present
  Lee Horace not available at present
  Gavin not available at present
  Michael not available at present
  Callum not available at present
  Christopher Joseph not available at present

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