family 0633 ... Henry Whiteside - Margaret Cluffe


The filing follows as GENFILES, commencing with the first known ancestor of this branch.


Generation ...#1) Henry Whiteside b 1823, d 1882 married Margaret Cluffe b 1832, d.1887. One child George
Generation ...#2 George Whiteside b.1850 d 1941 married Irene Plumb, b 1858-. One child Percival George
Generation ...#3 Percival George Whiteside, b 1890, d.1972. He married Eileen Cowan b.1890, d. 1964. Tow children: Maxwell  George and Roberta Judith
Generation ...#4 Maxwell George Whiteside b. 11.2.1924 (Willoughby NSW. Married to Ursula Mary (?) b. 1926They had four children: Stephen Maxwell, Mary Elizabeth, James Dean and Caroline


Generation ...#4 Roberta Judith (Bobby) b. 1926 . Married Ian Alexander McDonald. Three children Malcolm 1949, James 1953 and Kate 1957
Generation ...#5 Stephen Maxwell Whiteside (MD) b 17.9.1955 . Glen Iris married Sylvia (?)* b 16.1.1957. One child Thomas James b 1972?.
Generation ...#5 Mary Elizabeth b. 19.2.1959 Brighton Vic.. Married Simon Bridge (MD)  b. 7.11.1951. They had two daughters, Jessie Clara and Francesca Mary
Generation ...#5 James Dean Whiteside, b. 17.8.1960. Married Susan Aimee b. 27.6.1962. They had a daughter Aimee Sarah 26.6.1991
Generation ...#5 Caroline, b. 15.2.1967. Appears to have gone to Glasgow.