family 0332 ... James Whiteside - Annie Walker


The filing follows as GENFILES, commencing with the first known ancestor of this branch.

In this case it does go back a previous generation, however the wife's name is missing at this time.

Generation ...#1) James Whiteside, born circa 1801, died 9.12.1876. A farmer he appears to have died in Ballytresna (?) This union produced four children. James 1834. Margaret 1838, Susanna 1840 and Jane 1843.
Generation ...#2 James Whiteside (Jr) died 11.11.1872 at Procklis;    married Annie Walker, b circa 1834 at Andrain  Five children were born to this union. Samuel 1856, Agnes c 1860, Matilda c 1861, Robert Walker, c1863 and William James 1864
Generation ...#2 Margaret  Whiteside married Samuel Henderson b 1833 at Ballytresna. He was a farmer . (No other details
Generation ...#2 Susanna Whiteside, married James Henderson, b 1835. A farmer Randelston.  (No other details
Generation ...#2 Jane Whiteside, married James Adams b 1838 Armagh, farmer.  (No other details One child born of this union. Francis Samuel (Adams) b 10/11/1871 at The Cottage, Dunlargue, Keady
Generation ...#3 Samuel Whiteside, d (?) married Marie Louise Clolus, c 1860 d 1935, Wellington NZ
Generation ...#3 Agnes Whiteside, emigrated to the USA
Generation ...#3 Matilda Whiteside, emigrated to the USA (also)
Generation ...#3 Robert Walker Whiteside,  d. 30 9 1907, Avondale NZ, married a Jane Holden,  1863 Caircarn, Antrim, d 14 9 1929 Hamilitin NZ
Generation ...#3 William James Whiteside, (No other details